Investment Fund for Cost-Intensive Equipment for Research

Co-financing of cost-intensive equipment for research

Requirements A planned acquisition of equipment primarily serving a research purpose with a value typically exceeding CHF 500,000. Matching funds from the applicant must be available.
Eligibility Faculties, departments, institutes and clinics, strategic centers, competence centers with a performance mandate from the University Board of Directors, platforms / core facilities of the University of Bern.
Funding amount
Investment sum for entire acquisition typically over CHF 500,000 (no upper limit), i.e. including matching funds from faculties, institutes and clinics as well as third-party funds.
The equipment acquired through this fund must be used within the perimeter of the University of Bern. Contributions are intended exclusively for equipment/investments.

30 June 2024

There are two submission deadlines each year, on 30 June and 30 November.

Take into account prior, individual submission deadlines to the faculties.

Faculty of Medicine: Submit applications by 15 May 2024, present to Committee for Research on 21 Mai 2024.

What is the goal?

In order to perform competitively in certain research areas, cost-intensive equipment among others is necessary. However, major investments can only be made to a limited extent with ordinary operating funds. The Investment Fund for Cost-Intensive Equipment for Research co-finances such acquisitions.

How does it work?

The call for proposals is issued by the Vice-Rectorate Research. Applicants will be informed of the decision of the University Board of Directors no later than 3 months after the deadline. It is the responsibility of the applicants to obtain the commitments for matching funds and statements from the units concerned in the faculty(ies), Microscopy Imaging Center or Experimental Animal Center on time.