Initiator Grants

Funding for the preparation of an application for third-party funding post PhD

Requirements A planned application to a well-known funding agency for individual or project funding (or a mobility grant) that can be realized at the University of Bern and is submitted in the applicant's own name.
Eligibility Researchers with a doctorate completed up to a maximum of 5 years before the submission deadline (exceptions in the case of family commitments, interruptions in research activity or if the main application for career funding specifies other requirements). During the duration of the Initiator Grant, employment and/or workspace at the University of Bern must be available.
Funding amount
Max. CHF 30,000 per application, consisting of max. CHF 20,000 each for the applicant's salary costs and/or further project funds. A total of at least CHF 250,000 is available per call.
Salary costs for the applicant's employment, job relief measures, materials, field and travel expenses.

22 February 2024

There is one submission deadline each year.

The "UniBE Initiator Grants" support early career researchers at the University of Bern in the preparation of third-party funding applications post PhD. These applications can either be for support of the researcher themselves (individual funding) or for support of their own projects (project funding).

The evaluation of proposals submitted for a UniBE Initiator Grant is carried out by the Research Commission of the University of Bern. Information about the success or failure of the application will be communicated by the Vice-Rectorate Research usually by the beginning of May. The project can be started immediately after approval.

The following information must be strictly followed for an application.