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uniFOKUS März 2024
uniFOKUS March 2024 (in German, Download) (PDF, 3.3 MB)

uniFOKUS March 2024

The magazine of the University of Bern


Switzerland in the bunker - Catastrophism in science - UBS as a major risk - Refugees at the university - The nuclear physicist who said no to the bomb - Alumni report - Tsunami in Lake Lucerne - What is a trauma? - Who lives, dies better

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Preview of the next uniFOKUS, June 2024: We need energy

Big homes, big cars, air travel: We have become accustomed to seemingly inexhaustible and cheap energy since it simply bubbled out of the ground as crude oil. And now? Either the earth is getting hotter and hotter, or we are going to try something new. Researchers in Bern are exploring which paths to a sustainable energy future will meet with acceptance and are working with local people to find solutions.

But we humans also need energy to cope with our often complex and demanding everyday lives. How do we obtain energy? What role do biology and medicine play, but also psychology, culture, society and religion? Should we perhaps get involved in something new here too? The next uniFOKUS will provide food for thought.