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The Swiss National Bank (SNB) provides a diverse and stimulating range of activities that offer the perfect entry into professional life. Our primary aim is to fulfil our statutory mandate of conducting a monetary policy that serves the interests of Switzerland as a whole. In fulfilling this mandate, we are involved in a variety of areas, including analysing the real economy and the financial sector, steering the Swiss franc money market and managing our foreign currency investments, ensuring the supply and distribution of cash, securing the operation of cashless payment systems, and promoting international monetary cooperation.

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Zurich, Berne, Singapore 

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The SNB promotes an open, team and performanceoriented corporate culture. Flat hierarchies, direct communication lines and a constant exchange of information with both immediate colleagues and other units create an environment in which you can learn and achieve great things. Trust, independence and personal responsibility are at the heart of the SNB's value system.

Work-Life-Balance Our employees can shape their working hours according to an annual working time model based on flexibility and personal responsibility. The annual working-hour target for full-time employees is based on an average working week of 42 hours.
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Economics, Finance, Information Technology

We offer exciting, career-launching opportunities for graduates and students in the fields of economics, international monetary cooperation, financial stability, financial markets and information technology.


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Bachelor, Master, PhD


The broad spectrum of complex tasks makes our work both fascinating and challenging. An educational background in such disciplines as economics, finance or information technology is a prerequisite for a career at the SNB. In addition to solid expertise, we look for enthusiasm, communication skills, creativity and a sense of responsibility.


There are basically two career paths at the SNB: the management path and the specialist path. We encourage our employees to reach their full potential by providing an environment as well as the appropriate tools to promote individual responsibility, as well as personal and specialist development, at all levels and in all areas of responsibility. A broad selection of courses and workshops in the areas of specialist, methodology, social and leadership skills allows our employees to improve their expertise and maintain their marketability.

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