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Looking for accommodation

Allow plenty of time to look for accommodation. It is not unusual to require several weeks to find a place to stay.

People from non-member states (= non-EU/EFTA) must often submit a rental contract to ensure a successful visa application. Families should pay particular attention to ensuring that the size of the accommodation satisfies their needs. In Bern, an "appropriate size" of accommodation is calculated roughly as follows:  Number of people minus 1 = number of rooms in the accommodation. - Couples require accommodation with at least 1.5 to 2 rooms!

Example: A family of four requires accommodation with at least three rooms.

Families from EU/EFTA states must provide proof of appropriate accommodation no later than when they apply for a residence permit.

Further information

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Under the topic "Accommodation" you will learn more about "Where to live in Bern", "Rental prices" and other topics. Furthermore we have a listing of accommodation offers from private landlords in Bern.