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Getting to Bern (by car, train or plane)

Getting to Bern

With its central location in the northern foothills of the Swiss Alps, Bern is easily accessible by air, road, or rail.

If your flight lands in Zürich, Geneva, or Basel, there is excellent rail service to Bern with the Swiss rail company SBB. In both Zürich and Geneva, an SBB station is located inside the airport, allowing direct transfer to trains to Bern.

University - central and accessible

After your arrival, you will find that the main university building and the university neighborhood Länggasse are equally central and accessible. 

In the train station in Bern, follow the signs for Grosse Schanze/Länggasse. They lead to the fourth floor, where you exit via the Grosse Schanze, a rooftop park offering a beautiful view of the mountains on clear days. The main university building and Länggasse are located across the park.

Travel downtown and between university buildings is easiest on foot, with a bicycle, or on public transit (e.g. bus no. 20 takes you from the train station to various stops in "Länggasse").



If you are planning a longer stay, you should consider purchasing an SBB Half-Fare Card with your very first train ticket. Cardholders travel for half price throughout the Swiss rail system. The minimum term is one year, but if you travel frequently, the card quickly pays for itself. For example, a one-year card costing 185 CHF saves 50% on each round-trip to Zürich airport.