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Relocation (household effects)

Conditions for private relocations to Switzerland can be found on the website of the Swiss Customs Administration, "Information individuals"

On this website, the following information sheets are particularly useful to you

  • Form 18.44 personal effects
  • List of personal effects
  • Conversion of private motor vehicles and trailers in free circulation

When moving to Switzerland, the vehicles of immigrants can be admitted duty-free as part of one’s personal effects. The prerequisites for this are that the person concerned has used the vehicle for at least six months abroad before the change of place of residence and intends to continue using the vehicle in Switzerland.

If the vehicle was used for less than six months abroad, the vehicle can be used undeclared with a customs permit (form 15.30) for a maximum of two years from the day of first entry into Switzerland. When the two-year period expires, the vehicle must either be declared (collection of duties and taxes: customs and automobile duties and VAT) or exported. 

(taken from: Clearing vehicles through Swiss Customs“)

Your pets also count as personal effects. Find out about the precise regulations concerning the topic of "Traveling with pets".

The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office provides information on the topic of: Traveling with pets, food and souvenirs (see link below).