Advisory Services For research proposals

Range of services

Grants Office services, project idea, research proposals

Various offices of the University of Bern offer advisory services for research and innovation proposals. For example:

Range of services – Grants Office and Innovation Office

The Grants Office and the Innovation Office assist you in finding and obtaining the appropriate funding for your research project. Our services are free of charge. We advise you with regard to:

Project idea

To help you find a suitable funding scheme for your project, we:

  • introduce you to the relevant search options at the University of Bern
  • acquaint you with the major public funding agencies
  • provide background information on the funding schemes
  • search with you for funding options for your project idea and give you a strategic assessment if different options are available to you


To ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements of the funding agency, we:

  • provide background information on the funding schemes
  • explain the most important rules of the funding agency
  • inform you about the funding criteria and check your eligibility to apply

Proposal writing & submission

We support you in the formulation as well as the timely submission of a complete application. We offer different services depending on where you submit your proposal. Select one of the funding agencies above, for which we provide support, to learn more.