Mobility and Exchange Outgoing


Conditions of application

  • There is an SEMP (Erasmus) agreement in your mono/major or minor with the host university you are interested in.
  • You have to complete one year (BA) or one semester (MA) of study at the University of Bern or you must have completed your previous bachelor studies at the University of Bern before starting your exchange program.
  • You remain registered at the University of Bern while you are studying abroad and continue to pay the full tuition fees here. You are exempted from paying tuition fees at the host university. Cantonal grants continue to be paid during your period of study abroad (the conditions of the cantonal grant must continue to be fulfilled).  

Application deadlines for the following fall and/or spring semester:

1 February: Regular deadline for law.

1 March: Regular deadline for all other subjects.

31 August: Deadline for remaining* places (all subjects except law) only for the following spring semester

*Deadline for remaining places: Study abroad places not allocated in the regular application round in March will be available for application from 15 June. These places are only available for the following spring semester.

Application procedure

  1. Find out information about the existing possibilities of studying abroad within the SEMP/Erasmus program (Online-Portal). All SEMP (Erasmus) exchange opportunities for the coming academic year are published mid November. Find true-to-life stories about studying abroad by reading the field reports of former outgoings: Read reports 
  2. The application deadline is February 1st or March 1st 2016. Some institutes have earlier (internal) deadlines or the departmental coordinators (institute) require that you hand in additional application documents besides the application form. In both cases, we recommend that you inform yourself on the website of your institute / department. If you have subject specific questions about your study exchange you should contact your departmental coordinator: Contacts
  3. Please register with our online-portal. The application window opens mid November: Online-Portal   
  4. After your registration in the online-portal you will receive further information by email as well as your personal login link with which you can access your application. Afterward, you can also print out your personal application form.