Gender equality and equal opportunities

Strategic objective: The University of Bern implements equal opportunities, inclusion and gender equality.

For the University, diversity and the various perspectives of its members are a key ingredient in its excellence in research, teaching and administration. Management is responsible for promoting equal opportunities at all levels. The diversity categories are gender, age, ethnic origin (language, nationality, skin color, religion), migration experience, social origin and status, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical and psychological impairments. The University’s aim is to remove barriers and create a working environment free from discrimination.

Gender equality and the promotion of equal opportunities are actively implemented at all levels and by all boards and committees. The University and its various units have access to gender equality and equal opportunities plans to assist implementation. There is an appropriate proportion of women and men at all levels. It is possible for everyone to reconcile their job with their studies and care obligations. The promotion of gender and diversity research is sustainably embedded within the University.