Campus and Infrastructure IT Services

What is the easiest way to zoom in / zoom out?

The MFP offers various procedures to apply zooming on originals. The easiest way:

  1. Place the original on the scanner glass in the upper left corner
  2. Touch the button “Papier wählen”, select the preferred output format and confirm with “OK”
  3. Touch the button „Kop.fakt.“ (Copy/zoom factor) and then the button “Auto”
  4. If the original format is not A5, A4 or A3, you might have to adjust the automatically set factor with the +/- buttons;
    70% stands for a reduction from A3 to A4 or from A4 to A5
    141% stands for an enlargement from A5 to A4 or from A4 to A3
  5. Confirm with “OK”
  6. Start copying