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Public transport

Instead of a car, it is quicker and more convenient to travel in Bern and its environs using buses, trams and railways. Make the most of the advantages of public transport instead of being caught in traffic jams or looking for a parking space.

Travelling with the Swiss railways

Half Fare Travelcard and GA Travelcard

If you ask around among your Swiss colleagues, you will realize that most of them benefit either from a half-fare travelcard or a GA travel card for Swiss railways (SBB). A half-fare travel card pays for itself very quickly. Valid for one year, it costs CHF 190 and provides a 50% discount per ticket from the very first train journey. The various travel cards are all included in a "Swiss Pass".

Tip: Anyone arriving at Zurich or Geneva Airport can travel on to Bern directly with the train. Buy the half-fare travel card at the railway counter in the airport and begin by saving on your first journey!

Foto (c) SBB CFF FFS

Travelling to Bern and through the region


The yellow „Postauto“ buses link central Bern with its outer suburbs. The bus terminal is at the central train station (Hauptbahnhof), and within easy reach of the university’s campuses in Länggasse. Postautos are also a popular way of reaching both rural areas and the mountains of canton Bern.

For more information, see the Postauto website. 

Foto (c) Postauto Schweiz AG


Travelling within Bern


Between Bern and Solothurn, you are in the "Libero" fare network. The BERNMOBIL municipal public transport authorities are affiliated with the fare network. More detailed information on BernMobil offers, timetables and tickets are available directly on the station square (at the end of the glass canopy). 

Buses and trams in the city are punctual, and depending on the time of day are very frequent. Annual and monthly Libero-subsciptions will be included in the "Swiss Pass".

Tip: You can reach many university buildings easily by bus nr. 20 (direction "Länggasse"). Bus nr. 20 will stop at "Universität" (= University), Mittelstrasse, Uni Tobler and Länggasse

Foto (c) Bernmobil

Tickets can be purchased at the counter directly or at the ticket machines at the stops. The Swiss railways half-fare travelcard provides you with discounts on single journeys, although these only represent a few rappen and not 50%.

All prices listed here refer to 2nd class tickets. For more information, visit the website of Libero or BernMobil directly or visit the points of sale in the city. 

For journeys within the city of Bern, short fare stage tickets and single tickets are common (zone 100/101):

  • Short fare stage 3.00 CHF (2.00 CHF with half-fare); period of validity: 30 minutes (in one direction only!)
  • Single ticket in 1-2 zones: 5.20 CHF (3.00 CHF with half-fare); period of validity: 60 minutes (several journeys possible within the time limit).

Anyone who wants to avoid paying money before every journey should opt for a 1-day travelpass, a multiple-journey travelpass or for longer stays a monthly travelcard or annual travelcard!

Examples of journeys within the city of Bern in zones 1-2 (or 100/101):

  • 1-day travelpass city of Bern: 10.40 CHF (6.00 CHF with half-fare)
  • Multiple-journey travelpass: For 6 journeys "short fare": 16.20 CHF (10.80 CHF with half-fare) 
  • Multiple-journey travelpass: For 6 journeys (regular zone 1-2): 28.20 CHF (16.20 CHF with half-fare)
  • Monthly travelcard: 82.00 CHF. (No half-fare reductions!); within the city of Bern, juniors (up to the age of 25) and seniors pay: 62.00 CHF
  • Annual travelcard: 738.00 CHF. (No half-fare reductions!); within the city of Bern, juniors (up to the age of 25) and seniors pay: 558.00 CHF

Tip: Always buy and stamp tickets before your journey begins! You cannot purchase tickets from the driver in trams, suburban railways, buses or trains. (Except in the yellow Swiss Post buses.) There are frequent controls in the buses and trains!

As at: January 2024; annual tariff change in December.