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Parking in the city of Bern

Parking spaces are scarce and almost always subject to a fee. The residential areas are divided into ticket zones. Residents can purchase an annual parking ticket for their district.

Tip: In Bern city it is possible to purchase parking coupons for the blue zone (blaue Zone). Up to 4 hours costs 9 CHF, and up to 24 hours costs 16 CHF (as of March 2023). 

Parking at the University of Bern

A limited number of parking spaces or parking permits are available for rent from the university, but there is no central campus carpark.

Parking permits are provided by the facility management unit (Abteilung Betrieb und Technik). Further information is available on the university website under Uni Intern / Dienstleistungen (in German).

If you do not yet have a campus account or online access to "Uni Intern" (university internal), the Welcome Center will happily provide support in contacting the facility management staff.