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Karate is a martial art which originated in Okinawa (which nowadays belongs to Japan). In its beginnings the fighter had to defend himself from an armed attacker merely using his hands and feet. Today the sport concentrates on training both body and mind. Karate teaches a holistic concept of self-defense, self-control, health and development of mental strength. Traditional elements of the sport are now enhanced with modern-day training methods,

resulting in a comprehensive program encompassing:

  • Fitness: strength, agility, endurance
  • Posture: a healthy, upright posture
  • Mental strength: concentration, staying power
  • Coordination: ability to react, balance
  • Body control: precision and mastery
  • Self-defense: learning of effective techniques

By frequently repeating and consciously practicing even the smallest differences in movement, hand and footwork techniques are internalized and perfected, so they can be successfully employed against an opponent. Training results in skillful and dynamic movement while cultivating a strong mental focus. Karate is a holistic concept for physical fitness and mental strength – a perfect balance to study.

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