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Exemption options

In the canton of Bern, exemptions from compulsory insurance are possible under certain conditions and proof of recognized, equivalent insurance coverage for:

  • international students / basic and continuing education and training
  • employees posted to Switzerland
  • persons who have compulsory health insurance from a foreign country (outside EU)
  • cross-border commuters

(non-exhaustive list)

If you live in the canton of Bern, you must submit an application for exemption online to the Social Insurance Office (Canton of Bern). Important: Each canton decides on its own criteria for exemption possibilities. Therefore, anyone who does not live in the canton of Bern or is newly moving from another canton must submit an application to the relevant office.

Tip: International students have the option of taking out international student insurance that is recognized in the canton of Bern (e.g. Swisscare). For EU citizens, proof of their EHIC/EU insurance card may be sufficient.