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Pension scheme

The 3-pillar model

The pension scheme in Switzerland is based on a 3-pillar model:

  • 1st column: old age and survivors insurance / state pension (mandatory for all)
  • 2nd column: professional pension (mandatory for all employees)
  • 3rd column: private pension (voluntary)

As an employee of the University of Bern, you are covered by columns 1 and 2. Your institute assists you in the issuing of an old age and survivors insurance certificate. The Human Resources Office also provides information on the topic of "Salary and Social Security" at the University of Bern.

Leaving Switzerland

The old age and survivors insurance/disability insurance/income compensation scheme contributions paid will not be paid out upon return to an EU/EFTA member state. The same applies to states with which Switzerland has a social security agreement. With all other countries, reimbursement is possible. The same applies to payments from the professional pension (pension fund). The brochures listed below are helpful on this theme.