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Where to live in Bern

Districts of Bern

The public transport network in Bern offers good connections to the university from both inside and outside the town. When looking for accommodation, you should therefore not only focus your attention on urban districts but should also look at property in the surrounding communities.  

 Adverts often indicate the district / quarter as well as the street name.

Districts of Bern
 City Center / Old Town  historic Old Town, Unesco world heritage site  
 Länggasse / Felsenau popular quarter; many university buildings are located in Länggasse offering a lively student atmosphere 
 Mattenhof / Weissenbühl  quiet residential district, relatively close to the city center, the river Aare or the Gurten, Bern's local mountain
 Kirchenfeld / Schosshalde numerous embassies are located in Kirchenfeld; the living surroundings (and prices) are correspondingly upmarket
 Breitenrain / Lorraine  a favorite residential and entertainment quarter, relatively close to the city center
 Bümpliz / Oberbottigen  Bümpliz is home to the student residences, multicultural diversity, less pricy district, by tram and train in no time in the city center
Suburbs of Bern The neighboring towns are also within easy reach by public transport, e.g. Bremgarten, Ostermundigen, Köniz, Wabern, Zollikofen, Ittigen etc.