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Rental prices in Bern

Rent varies according to the residential area, the age and condition of the apartment and can be considerably higher than in the table below. The prices are based on our observations; no official statistics!

Rental prices
 Studio (with integrated kitchen)
or 1-room accommodation (with separate kitchen)
 approx. CHF 900 
 2-room accommodation CHF 1,000-1,400 
 3-room accommodation  CHF 1,300-1900 
 4-room accommodation  approx. CHF 2,000 CHF and more

The rental price comprises the rent and ancillary costs. In real estate advertisements, these two elements are shown separately. Ancillary costs include, for example, heating, water, cleaning, electricity and other shared costs etc. The amount of the ancillary costs is indicated in the rental agreement.

In advance-payment invoices, the monthly ancillary costs are accounted for; the actual ancillary costs are nevertheless only calculated at the end of the year.

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