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Executive Board and Central Administration

Research Management Office

The Research Management Office pursues the goal of ensuring and promoting high-quality research at the University of Bern; it is committed to excellent, free and open research. In doing so, the researchers of the University of Bern are to be advised and supported along the entire research process.

Information, consulting and strategy along the research process

The Research Management Office is responsible for the following areas:

  • Digitalization in research
  • Export Control
  • Open Science
  • Research Commission
  • Research Evaluation
  • Research Integrity and Ethics
  • Research Promotion

To these ends, the Research Management Office develops common principles and policies that contribute to the quality assurance of research, promotes scientific integrity and supports the Executive Board of the University of Bern, faculties and institutes in the initiation and implementation of research support projects and coordinates them.

Digitalization in research

The digital transformation is part of the University Strategy 2030 and encompasses all areas at the University of Bern. The cultural change and the changes in working methods offer opportunities for excellence and innovation in research, but also challenges. The Research Management Office accompanies the implementation of the digitalization strategy and coordinates existing as well as new services and projects to promote the visibility of digital services and to support university members in their daily work.

Digitalization at the University of Bern

Export Control

International research cooperation, business trips, exports of scientific equipment, the development of new technologies or cooperation with visiting scientists can be affected by export control restrictions. The Export Control Contact Point helps to recognise critical individual cases as such and, if necessary, to obtain licences for the respective process so as not to violate applicable law.

Export Control Contact Point

Open Science

The Research Management Office participates in the coordination and support of the further development of repositories, services, consultations and trainings for Open Science in cooperation with the Open Science Team at the University Library of Bern. Special emphasis is placed on representing the university in national and international bodies concerning Open Science topics, as well as maintaining contact with the faculties of the University of Bern.

Open Science at the University Library of Bern

Research Commission

The Research Commission is a permanent commission of 26 members representing the faculties, the lecturers, the assistants and the students. It evaluates applications for internal funding (UniBE Initiator Grants, UniBE ID Grants and UniBE Doc.Mobility) and advises university committees on matters of research funding and the evaluation of funding. The Research Commission Administrative Office advises applicants on internal funding schemes (UniBE Initiator Grants, Projektpool and UniBE Doc.Mobility).

Research Commission

Research Evaluation

The evaluation of research is part of the quality assurance and development (QAD) of the University of Bern. With the evaluation of research, the University of Bern aims to achieve transparency in the services provided, to develop decision-making aids for medium- and long-term planning, and to use the results for quality improvement and further development in research. In addition, it is part of the accountability to the public.

Research evaluation and QAD Core Tasks

Research Integrity and Ethics

At the University of Bern we aim at complying with the rules of research and the agreements of the scientific world. This applies to the entire university with its members in teaching and studies, continuing education and counselling, research and administration. The Vice-Rectorate Research and Innovation offers university members a central point of contact for information, advisory services and training in the area of scientific integrity.

Research compliance and good research practice

Research Promotion

The Research Management Office participates in the promotion of research at the University of Bern from the management of the Research Commission's Administrative Office to issues of needs-based internal funding instruments and vessels.

UniBE funding schemes