Kung fu

The link between martial art and health

For thousands of years the martial arts, supplemented with remedial gymnastics, have been practiced by people from many different cultures.In retrospect we can say that the development of anyone involved in the martial arts has always incorporated two paths: the inner, mental path and the external, physical path. Creating a harmonious link between the two allows the fighter to unfold fully as a person.

The diversity of the Chinese martial arts

The name kung fu ("gong fu") is a modern name for all martial arts from China. It is in fact not Chinese at all, but comes from America, where it became a common umbrella term for the Chinese martial arts. In China people generally speak of "wushu". Translated literally, the word kung fu means "hard work" in reference to all the effort and strength it takes to perfect an artistic skill. The classes teach elements and forms of the Taoist internal styles of martial arts as well as the Buddhist external style, which are founded on the traditions of the Shaolin monasteries.

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