Advisory Services For research proposals

Swiss National Science Foundation

Grants Office services, research proposals

The Grants Office currently provides support for the career funding schemes – Ambizione, Prima and Eccellenza – as well as for the innovation-oriented funding schemes of BRIDGE – Proof-of-Concept and Discovery. Our services are free of charge.

We advise you with regard to:

To ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements of the funding agency, we:

  • provide background information on the funding schemes
  • explain the most important rules of the funding agency
  • inform you about the funding criteria and check your eligibility to apply

Support letter

To ensure that the required support letter is ready in time, we:

  • provide you with a template for the letter
  • obtain the necessary signature of the Vice-Rector for Research for you

Interview training (PRIMA und Eccellenza)

So that you are optimally prepared for a convincing interview, we:

  • explain the interview conditions to you
  • furnish you with tips on how to conduct the interview
  • organize a practice session for you in front of an experienced panel and give you qualified feedback on your presentation

Proposal writing & submission

We support you in the formulation of a complete application. However, we can only guarantee our services if we receive your application 3 weeks before the submission deadline.

To ensure that you submit a competitive application that meets the requirements of the funding agency, we:

  • give you qualified feedback on the content and structure of your proposal
  • offer suggestions to improve the readability and persuasiveness of your proposal
  • review the feasibility of the deliverables

Evaluation decision analysis

So that you can plan the next steps after the funding agency has made its decision, we:

  • support you in the interpretation of the evaluation report
  • give our appraisal for a possible resubmission