Advisory Services For research proposals

European Framework Programmes

Grants Office services, research proposals

The Grants Office provides support for all funding schemes of Horizon Europe, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Our services are free of charge.

We advise you with regard to:


To ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements of the funding agency, we:

  • provide background information on the funding schemes
  • explain the most important rules of the funding agency
  • inform you about the funding criteria and check your eligibility to apply

Proposal writing and submission

We support you in the formulation as well as the timely submission of a complete application. More...

Evaluation report analysis

So that you can plan the next steps after the funding agency has made its decision, we:

  • support you in the interpretation of the evaluation report
  • give our appraisal of the important points of criticism and essential adjustments for a possible resubmission
  • assess your chances of an official appeal against a negative evaluation