Diversity lecture series

"The University of Bern recognizes its diversity in all areas as a strength."

(University of Bern, Strategy 2030)

What does diversity research mean in the different faculties and disciplines? What insights does it enable? And what challenges arise in the process? What connects researchers from different disciplines when they deal with diversity? The lecture series on diversity research aims to make relevant research projects visible and it tries to encourage interdisciplinary discussions. The University of Bern sees diversity in all areas as a strength, as it was anchored in the Strategy 2030. Researchers from all faculties of the university will give presentations, as diversity research is conducted in different categories and in many disciplines. What diversity means and entails is, in itself, diverse: the multiple perspectives lead to interesting insights into completely different fields of research, which, however, all show the relevance of diversity and variety. Finally, there will be a podium discussion about diversity at the University of Bern and opportunities as well as barriers will be discussed.

The lecture series on the topic of "Diversity Research" is organised by the Equal Opportunities Office.

The lectures take place on Mondays from 18.15 - 19.30 in the UniS in room A022.

Date Title Referees Faculty / Centre
Monday, 19.09.2022 Opening lecture: "Recht auf Diversität: juridische Kämpfe um Gleichheit und Gerechtigkeit" MLaw Manuela Hugentobler RW, IZFG
Monday, 03.10.2022 Diversity and intersectional approaches: Implications for analysis of the (ongoing) pandemic Dr. Anukriti Dixit IZFG
Monday, 10.10.2022 The ageing paradox: recognizing the positivity effect of getting older at work Dr. Dandan Pang Phil.-Hum.
Monday, 17.10.2022 Soziale Selektivität im Schweizer Bildungssystem Prof. Dr. Rolf Becker Phil.-Hum.
Monday, 24.10.2022 1001 Geschlecht – Geschlechtervielfalt in der Natur Prof. Dr. Christian Kropf Phil.-Nat.
Monday, 31.10.2022 Access to health care for women with disabilities in Nepal Dr. Christine Bigler, Dr. Sony KC, Yamila Pita IZFG
Monday, 07.11.2022 Psychische Gesundheit Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Walther MED
Monday, 17.11.2022 Biodiversität – Von Bienen und Blumen Dr. phil. nat. Gina Retschnig Vetsuisse
Monday, 21.11.2022 Die Geschichte der Emanzipationsbewegung von Gehörlosen in der Schweiz (19./20. Jahrhundert) PD Dr. Sonja Matter Phil.-Hist.
Monday, 28.11.2022 Antisemitismus – eine alte europäische Tradition Prof. Dr. René Bloch THEOL
Monday, 05.12.2022 Slow violence, gender, climate agency SNF Prof. Elisa Fornalé WTI, RW
Monday, 12.12.2022 Diversity Management und Inklusion: Organisationale Ansätze zum Umgang mit Vielfalt PD Dr. Thomas Köllen WISO
Monday, 19.12.2022 Panel: «Diversität an der Universität Bern: Hürden und Chancen.»

followed by a networking aperitif

Prof. Dr. Heike Mayer, Prof. Dr. Beate Fricke, Dr. Emirhan Darcan, Ricarda Eijer

Moderation: Anja Glover