Portrait University Advancement

Current projects

Establishment of an interdisciplinary endowed professorship in provenance research and the history of collections

The academic discourse in provenance research spans many different disciplines and now extends far beyond the National Socialist era. Armed conflicts result in works of art being moved around, both back in Napoleon’s day and now with Iraqi and Syrian antiquities. While museums have in recent years been setting up bodies to conduct research into individual works and their collections and in order to draw on project funding from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture to support such work, this nascent field of research is still lacking a firm foothold at university level. The University of Bern would like to do something about this and set up Switzerland’s first ever professorship for provenance research and the history of collections. It hopes to build up the basic interdisciplinary research required and to train up the next generation of academics needed in this field. In order to set up the professorship and maintain it for ten years, we are looking for CHF 5 million in funding.

Professorship of State and Market

The University of Bern set up the four-year endowed professorship for “State and Market” at its Center of Competence for Public Management. It has an entrepreneurial focus with an administrative science component. This professorship centers around issues relating to points of tension such as state interference versus private autonomy, governance of public or state-regulated companies and questions surrounding the provision of services in an environment marked by liberalization, competition and market deregulation. In the interests of sustainable further development, the Center is seeking to forge strategic partnerships with representatives from business, with the aim of generating additional funding in its efforts to put down scientific roots for research and teaching at the interface between the government and government-related or public companies. We are looking for CHF 5 million in funding to allow us to maintain the current assistant professorship.