Prix Lux 2021

Institute of Geography (GIUB)

The University of Bern honours commitment to equal opportunities and this year awards the Institute of Geography (GIUB): for its long-standing commitment to equal opportunities and its pioneering achievements for an inclusive scientific culture.

For more than ten years, GIUB has been involved in a variety of ways and has implemented a number of measures and initiatives that have led to a cultural and institutional change towards more gender equality. Measures include enabling staff reductions at all levels and considering job sharing. In addition, the GIUB has been making an important contribution to reconciling family and academic work since 2014 with the establishment of parent-child rooms. GIUB is also committed to equal opportunities, particularly during the pandemic: it supports employees with additional pandemic-related burdens by offering them the opportunity to extend temporary employment. It also used funds to support GIUB staff with care obligations even after the lockdown period.



Mitarbeitende des Geografischen Instituts (GIUB)
Staff of the Institute of Geography (GIUB) at the award ceremony
Preisübergabe von Rektor Christian Leumann an Heike Mayer vom GIUB
Presentation of the prize by Rector Christian Leumann to Heike Mayer of the GIUB