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What's up at the University of Bern, what's important to students and employees? The Social Media Team provides insights from University life, latest research and events.

The University of Bern communicates on Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok and has profiles on Bluesky, Mastodon, YouTube, Xing and Snapchat. 

We are always looking for good stories! If you have trends, topics or a story to tell - contact us! We find a way to promote your story on Social Media! 

The guidelines are the basics for the University of Bern, its faculties, institutes and research units to do their work on Social Media. 

Faculties and institutes

Faculties and institutes which would like to open new accounts, please register them at:

Conditions of use for the University of Bern's Facebook page

You are invited to make a contribution to the Facebook page. You have the option of contributing your own comments and photos on various topics to this page.  We look forward to your feedback. Please note that any contributions you post including any photos and the name of your input may be used by the University of Bern for advertising purposes and that by uploading your contribution, you explicitly give your permission to this.

All contributions and comments are welcome, including critical opinions. Please understand that contributions by people who "like" posts when visiting this page do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the University of Bern or employees and partners of the University of Bern.  By "liking" something, you agree to the "Declaration of Rights and Duties" of Facebook and the present conditions of use for the University of Bern's Facebook page.

The following content are not welcome on this Facebook page and the University of Bern reserves the right to remove it as soon as it becomes aware of it. We reserve the right to delete the following content and actions:

  • Libelous contributions and comments or those where the contents is racist, discriminatory, sexist, pornographic, glorifies violence, is misleading or illegal and content which breaches the rights of third parties (including their copyrights and personal rights). No content or statements may be published either which can be classified as threatening, abusive, irritating, slanderous, vulgar, defamatory, offensive, promoting hatred or damaging in any other way.
  • Content, regardless of the format, which contains direct or indirect advertising for services and/or products. Enticements – offers and content which solely serve the purpose of self-promotion are not allowed.
  • Activities which have an adverse impact on the smooth functioning of Facebook and the Facebook page of the University of Bern and the uploading of documents which contain harmful viruses or similar.
  • Content which does not represent value added for our primary target groups (employees, students and alumni).

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: