Organization Intermediate Staff Association

Vice-Rectorate Quality

MVUB is in close touch with the Vice-Rectorate Quality, in particular with the Office for Gender Equality and the Office for Quality Assurance and Development. Key issues in these co-operations are improved interconnection and the establishment of communication channels for intermediate staff.

Office for Gender Equality

The Office for Gender Equality is one of MVUB’s close partners. This important cooperation strengthens MVUB’s position in issues concerning equal opportunities of women and men. The cooperation has given rise to a number of joint projects, such as the following:

  • Panel discussion on career conditions for upper intermediate staff
  • Task group of assistant professors and associate professors. This resulted in a position paper describing the problematic situation of the upper intermediate staff and demanding the implementation of alleviating measures following a number of urgent recommendations.
  • Mutual participation in each other’s events, e.g. in our event “PhD – and what now?” and the MVUB lunch talks.
  • Mutual consultation and consensus in response statements to University papers.

Office for Gender Equality