Cyr Wheel

Cyr Wheel Training
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Everyone is guaranteed to get their money's worth in the new "Cyr Wheel/Handstand/Acrobatics" training. With the help of a list of topics, you can see at any time, which topic is being worked on in the training. However, independent practice on a different topic is possible at any time during the instructor-led-training.

Cyrwheel / Roue Cyr is a circus discipline named after its inventor, Daniel Cyr. The characteristic basic movement of this discipline is the waltz, a rotary movement that is described as an uninterrupted spindle. Similar to a coin that rotates on its own axis. Balance and strength are the focus and are specifically trained in training, dance and acrobatic elements are combined with one another. Beginners, experts and the curious are very welcome.

In addition to the new "Cyr Wheel/Handstand/Acrobatics" training, you also have the opportunity to try out Acrobatics on the pole, Acro Yoga and Slackline at Unisport. In the free Manege training you will also get to know different forms of movement.

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