«The ageing paradox: recognizing the positvity effect of getting older at work»

Montag, 10.10.2022, 18:15 Uhr

We all age. When we age, we inevitably face cognitive and physical declines – becoming less physically strong and agile, and losing cognitive flexibility. Nevertheless, older adults can still maintain relatively high levels of functioning and well-being with aging, and potentially continue to make important contributions to others and society. This represents an optimistic way to view old age and the aging process – successful aging – which has become an increasingly popular concept among organizational researchers and practitioners. In this talk, we will introduce the conceptualization of aging paradox and emphasis the positivity effect of getting older at work by presenting a few latest results from our research projects.

Veranstaltende: Abteilung für Chancengleichheit
Redner, Rednerin: Dr. Dandan Pang, Philosophisch-humanwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Datum: 10.10.2022
Uhrzeit: 18:15 - 19:30 Uhr
Ort: A022
Schanzeneckstrasse 1
3012 Bern
Merkmale: Öffentlich