Promotion of Research Uni Internal Grants


The evaluation of proposals follows the dual control principle, i.e., at least two people read each application.

A committee of intermediate staff assesses the applications on behalf of the Commission for the Promotion of Young Researchers of the University of Bern, who makes the final decision.

The committee strives for a composition of intermediate staff from a broad range of fields, with and without a PhD. The committee is appointed by the Intermediate Staff Association of the University of Bern.

The Committee:

  • PD Dr. phil.-nat. Monica Schaller Tschan, Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences
  • MLaw Christoph Ammon, Institute for Penal Law and Criminology
  • Dr. Gracia Brückmann, Institute of Political Science
  • MA Emmanuel Büttler, Institute of French Language and Literature
  • M.Sc. Danièle Gubler, Institute of Psychology
  • Dr. Stephanie Talker, Institute of Virology and Immunology
  • M. Sc. Gaudenz Welti, Institute of Educational Science
  • Dr. Nikolett Móricz, Institute of Practical Theology