Organization Intermediate Staff Association


MVUB promotes the interests of intermediate staff at various levels. We therefore keep in close touch with the key departments, committees and offices within and outside of the University. These are, among others:

  • the Executive Board of the University
  • various offices of the Central Administration (such as the Human Resources Office and the Office for Gender Equality)
  • the intermediate staff at the Faculties
  • SUB (the Students’ Organization of the University of Bern)
  • actionuni (national intermediate staff association)
  • Education and Culture Directorate of the Canton of Bern

In regular meetings between MVUB and these different stakeholders, intermediate staff related concerns are introduced and discussed.


The interconnection of intermediate staff within and across the faculties is one of the MVUB's important objectives. With our events, we bring together mid-staff from the entire University. We also organise regular meetings with delegates from different faculties in order to exchange opinions, share information and gain insights into other customs and practices.

Promotion Fund

In cooperation with the Intermediate Staff Association of the University of Bern (Mittelbauvereinigung), the Vice-Rectorate Research calls for proposals to the Fund for the Promotion of Young Researchers twice a year. The fund aims to encourage networking activities of young researchers from doctoral study (PhD) level upwards. In an efficient und quick procedure, original and innovative ideas that strengthen independence and personal skills are financed with a max. of CHF 5,000. The next submission deadline is 10 April 2017.