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Disc Golf / Frisbee Golf

Disc Golf, Frisbee Golf
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Similar to golf with clubs and balls, disc golf is about completing the 9 or 18 holes with as few throws as possible. Each individual lane consists of a throw line, from where the first throw is made, and a special disc golf basket into which the flying disc must be thrown. The tracks are usually between 60 and 160 meters long and have many (natural) obstacles such as trees, hills, bushes, ponds, etc.

On each lane, all players in the group first throw their first throw from the throwing line. The next throw must always be carried out from where the disc remains, until the disc can be placed in the basket.

Disc golf players take part in tournaments with up to 15 different discs. For every situation the competitor has his preferred material.

Game discs, a parking map, scorecard and recorder can be borrowed from university sports. The material is stationed in the box next to the stairs to the beach volleyball fields in the ZSSw. Instructions can be found on the back of the scorecard. The game is played in Studersteinpark, where the disc golf baskets are set up.

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