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Partner libraries

The University Library Bern (UB) is a member of the IDS Basel Bern (IDSBB). The University Library Bern carries out coordination work for the IDSBB. It is the point of contact for all non-university institutions in Bern.
Currently libraries of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), the Bern University of Teacher Education and 15 other academic institutes are members of the IDSBB.

The advantages for the users of the close cooperation of these libraries with the IDSBB are

  • Large, range of academic literature
  • User pass and user account for all libraries in the network
  • Same borrowing conditions in all libraries in the network

The libraries benefit from using

  • modern library software
  • Archiving and administration of the catalog and user data by one central point
  • Adaptation of the library software to current developments
  • Possibility to use third-party data for indexing

Being part of the Bern IDS incurs charges and is linked to various conditions.
The most important, non-negotiable criteria are:

  • Public access to collections
  • Employment of professional library staff
  • Academic nature of the media (as a distinguishing feature from general public libraries)
  • Acceptance of network conditions in borrowing (overdue deadlines, overdue fines etc.)

If you have any questions or are interested in further information, please contact Daniel Wyss, Head of the Network, and Martin Kohler, Head of the Partner Library Team, who would be more than happy to help you.