Pre-deposit checklist

The following checklist is based on the pre-deposit checklist provided by the University of Oxford

If possible, research data should be deposited in a disciplinary data repository that adheres to the FAIR principles. This will achieve not only optimum documentation of the data, but also the best visibility for your research. If no suitable disciplinary repository is available, supplementary data for publications can be deposited in BORIS. A generic repository is advisable for large datasets.

The purpose of depositing data in a repository is to preserve the data for future use. Consider the following:

  • Is the data saved in an appropriate format?
  • Is the data presented and organized clearly so that it is also intelligible to someone not involved in its creation?

It is important that datasets are accompanied by whatever explanatory documents are necessary to help future users interpret them correctly. This includes information about research methods, the software used, whether and how the data was processed, etc. It is also important to spell out any acronyms used and explain terms or refer to any metadata standard used.

Do you have the right to publish the data? If the dataset arose from collaborative work, or includes pre-existing data, you will need to obtain permission from the rights holders.

If the data contains information about human subjects or sensitive object data, it may need to be anonymized and/or accompanied by evidence that the subjects have been informed and given their consent for the information to be shared.

Have you nominated a contact person who can answer queries and who will ensure that the contact information is kept up to date.

If an embargo period is necessary, find out whether your chosen repository will allow you to specify one. Also find out if your funding body has set any limits for embargo periods to ensure that you have complied with all the funding requirements.

If you can answer Yes to all the questions, you are ready to deposit your data. If you want to deposit your data in BORIS, choose Dataset as the document type.