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BORIS Thesis is a repository created so that the university's PhD candidates can publish and archive their dissertations in open access. This offers our PhDs a path to publish their theses fast and free of charge while at the same time fulfilling their obligation to publish and deliver statutory copies to their deaneries. A prerequisite is, of course, that this option is covered by the PhD regulation of the relevant deanery/faculty.


BORIS Thesis is easy to use and in appearance and handling quite similar to our main repository BORIS. BORIS Theses receives data directly from CTS - Core Teaching System (ger: KSL). The process starts, when PhD candidates receive an automated invitation to publish on BORIS Theses. This happens as soon as they successfully defend their dissertation, which we learn from the university's information system KSL. The uploading process is straight forward and after a dissertation and its metadata have been sent, a library specialist checks all entered information to make sure everything is correct. Once this round of quality control is completed, the dissertation goes live and the deaneries/faculties are automatically informed that the theses is published.
PhD candidates who already successfully defended their dissertation and did not receive an e-mail, may contact as if they wish to publish on BORIS Theses.


If you have questions or would like to upload a dissertation, make sure to contact our team. You can reach us at boristheses@ub.unibe.ch

  • Your dissertation will be able to be seen in full free of charge all over the world.
  • Your dissertation can be found via international library catalogs and using the dissertation portal DART-Europe.
  • Long-term archiving is guaranteed due to the collaboration with the Swiss National Library

Basically a publication on the University Library Bern server is an additional form of publication and does not always do away with the need to submit statutory copies or the publication by a publishing house. The individual faculties deal with this in different ways - you will find details in the relevant regulations on PhDs.

Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences and Faculty of Humanities: It is not necessary to submit a printed statutory copy if you publish your dissertation electronically at the University Library Bern.

If you do not receive an automated invitation or if you do not want to publish your dissertation on BORIS Theses, you can find some information below for your next steps. Should you have any questions, contact us directly: boristheses@ub.unibe.ch