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All dissertations submitted at the University of Bern are included in the catalog swissbib Basel Bern. If you also submit your dissertation in electronic form, the catalog listing will feature a direct link to the full text of the dissertation.

  • Your dissertation will be able to be seen in full free of charge all over the world.
  • Your dissertation can be found via international library catalogs and using the dissertation portal DART-Europe.
  • Long-term archiving is guaranteed due to the collaboration with the Swiss National Library

Basically a publication on the University Library Bern server is an additional form of publication and does not always do away with the need to submit statutory copies or the publication by a publishing house. The individual faculties deal with this in different ways - you will find details in the relevant regulations on PhDs.

Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences and Faculty of Humanities: It is not necessary to submit a printed statutory copy if you publish your dissertation electronically at the University Library Bern.

In addition, it is possible to publish the dissertation electronically on the repository of the University of Bern. For help click here.