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The methods of ordering and borrowing, as well as the access authorization of the individual libraries of the University Library Bern, vary according to site. For details of borrowing conditions, please consult the relevant library website.

Library user card

To be able to use the media, you will require a user card. Register locally in your library or online.  You will receive your own library user card and your personal password, once you have presented a valid ID. Registering is free for everyone. If you are already registered in an IDS network and already have an IDS user card, you do not need to reregister.

Students of the university of Bern are registered automatically with their immatriculation. The immatriculation number (without hyphen) counts as well as user number for the library.

Ordering, collecting and returning

You can order and reserve most of the media via swissbib Basel Bern.

Guidelines on searching, ordering and reserving (in German) (PDF, 440KB)

If you order media from libraries involved in the Bern or IDS courier scheme, you can collect these in any courier library and also return them to any courier library. Please return media from libraries not involved in the scheme directly to the library from which you borrowed them.

Extending the borrowing period

For media booked online, you are guaranteed a borrowing period of 4 weeks. If there is no reservation, there are two automatic extensions of 28 days each. After this you can extend the borrowing period a further three times of 28 days using your user account

Some libraries that do not organize borrowing through the online catalog may have varying borrowing periods. For details of borrowing conditions, please consult the relevant library website.