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The German version is solely and exclusively valid and legally binding.

Art. 1 Purpose
1 University Library Bern is a publicly accessible research library and is in principle open to all interested parties.

Art. 2 Registration
1 A library card is required to borrow items and use other services provided by University Library Bern. Registration is free of charge.
2 The following personal information is electronically stored upon entry into the IDS Basel Bern user database: Family name, first name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address. The data is also stored in the shared Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz (IDS) user database. It is used only for internal purposes and is not shared.
3 The library must be promptly notified of any changes in personal data, or clients may edit it themselves online. Clients are responsible for the accuracy of their data at all times.

Art. 3 Business hours
1 Business hours are posted on the University Library Bern website and in notices.

Art. 4 Liability
1 Users of media are responsible for handling the media with care and bear strict liability for any damage or loss. The Library will invoice users for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or lost media.
2 Borrowed media and copies of articles are subject to copyright and licensing protections. These must be observed for all forms of media use.
3 Media are used at the client's own risk. University Library Bern accepts no liability.
4 When shipping books, University Library Bern bears liability for loss of the book until the postal consignment is received at the client's address. The client bears liability from the time of delivery of the postal consignment to the client's address until the book is returned to University Library Bern (either personally at the service desk or by post).

Art. 5 Borrowing
1 Borrowing of media from University Library Bern's collections is free of charge.
2 Each client may borrow up to 100 media from University Library Bern at one time.
3 Circulating materials may generally be borrowed for 28 calendar days. This term may be extended for a further 28 calendar days up to five times unless another client has requested the same media. Borrowed media must be returned before the end of the lending period. Individual sub-libraries may have different borrowing policies, which can be found on location or on the website.
4 Clients are responsible for ensuring that materials are returned on time even in their own absence. A client is in default at the end of the lending period.
5 Media not returned when due are subject to a fine as specified in the University Library Bern Fee Schedule.
6 The return of borrowed documents is due latest on the last day of the loan period. Not received initial reminder/overdue notice (postal or per E-Mail) as an excuse for late return are not accepted.
7 Items published in or before 1899 as well as certain book numbers and precious or sensitive works are not lent out for home use, but are made available in the reading rooms.

Art. 6 Reference collections
1 Reference collections may only be used on site at the designated locations.

Art. 7 Interlibrary loan, document delivery and courier service
1 University Library Bern offers interlibrary loan and document delivery in certain sub-libraries. Interlibrary loan and document delivery can be used to obtain media not available in libraries in Bern or by IDS courier. University Library Bern also offers to send copies of articles from journals or books. These services are subject to a fee. Requests for international interlibrary loans may only be made through libraries.
2 Courier services (Berner Kurier, IDS-Kurier, Nebis-Kurier) are available for certain University Library Bern sub-libraries. IDS deliveries from libraries outside Bern are subject to a fee.
3 Lending terms are subject to the policies of the items' home library.

Art. 8 Copies and reproductions
1 Applicable provisions of law, particularly copyright and licensing provisions, apply when copying or otherwise reproducing media in any fashion. The burden of responsibility lies with the customers to find out whether the medium may be legally copied.
2 For reasons of conservation, not all materials may be copied. Other reproduction options are available in such cases.

Art. 9 Costs and fees
1 The fees charged by the University Library Bern are listed in the Fee Schedule. The Fee Schedule is part of the Library User Rules.
2 Certain sub-libraries charge additional fees for special services. These are published on the relevant website and are also part of the Library User Rules.

Art. 10 House rules
1 By using the University Library Bern sub-libraries, clients agree to their house rules as applicable.
2 The library staff's instructions must be followed at all times.

Art. 11 Exclusion from use and from the premises
1 Users who violate the Library User Rules or applicable house rules, disrupt library operations, engage in improper conduct or inflict material loss or damage on the library may be temporarily or permanently excluded from using the Library's services or entering the premises.

Art. 12 Use of University Library Bern software and IT systems
1 The general principles governing the use of University Library Bern software and IT systems apply. These policies (document in German) are published on the Internet.

Art. 13 Entry into force
1 These University Library Bern User Rules enter into force on 30 October 2018 and replace all earlier versions.


Bern, October 30, 2018
University Library Bern


Dr Niklaus Landolt