Services University Library




The Tariffs of the University Library Bern are part of the regulations.

1. Borrowing

Borrowing free of charge

Registration free of charge

Replacement user pass CHF 6

Overdue notices after expiry of the borrowing period per document

Initial reminder free of charge
First overdue notice (after another five working days) CHF 10 per document
Second overdue notice (after another five working days) CHF 10 additionally per document
Third overdue notice (after another five working days) CHF 15 additionally per document

Compensation for damages, loss and after the third overdue notice

previous overdue notice costs
additional handling fee of CHF 50 per document
additionally per document the actual reacquisition costs by the library
for documents not available from publishers and the antiquarian book trade a fixed fee of CHF 70
The acquisition of replacement copies is exclusively executed by the library.

Repair charges according to costs

2. Additional services

Lockers, cupboards and long term study places

Rental per month CHF 7
Rental per semester CHF 20
This University Library Bern charge does not apply to the lockers and cupboards which belong to the Facility Management Office of the University of Bern.

Document delivery

postal delivery per document CHF 12
via IDS messenger per document CHF 5. The fee will also be charged for not collected orders.

Interlibrary loan

sourced from Switzerland per document CHF 12
sourced from abroad per document according to outlay, at least CHF 15
handling charge for not collected interlibrary loan orders per document CHF 10

Copy and scan orders

sourced from Switzerland per 20 pages CHF 5
sourced from Germany, Austria per 20 pages CHF 10
sourced from the rest of Europe (excluding Great Britain) per 20 pages CHF 15
sourced from Great Britain and oversees according to outlay, at least CHF 20
commercial customers at least CHF 25 or actual costs

Scans and Copies from special collections and stock with a publication year prior to 1900

Complete books or parts of it and maps as PDF/TIFF
base charge per order CHF 8
additionally per page as PDF up to A3 format CHF 0.40
additionally per page as PDF from A3 format CHF 3
additionally per scan as TIFF CHF5

additionally to the price for the PDF/TIFF
Base charge per document CHF 9
additionally per page CHF 0.03

Delivery charges
per DVD: Switzerland and Europe CHF 9
per DVD: Worldwide CHF 12
per book on paper: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Holland and United Kingdom free of charge
per book on paper: the rest of Europe CHF 9
per book on paper: Worldwide CHF 20

Copying and scanning with Uniprint

A4 black & white, per copy CHF 0.08
A3 black & white, per copy CHF 0.10
A4 color, per copy CHF 0.15
A3 color, per copy CHF 0.18
per scan CHF 0.01
Printcard (including initial credit of CHF 5) for customers without a Unicard CHF 10

Commissioned Research

Customer orders (written or oral) for literature research and reference management exceeding 1 hour in duration
University or administration internal, CHF 88 per full hour
external, CHF 114 per hour, partial hours will be charged pro rata

Guided tours

Tours of the library free of charge
introduction to library catalog use free of charge
special tours: See the tariff of the individual libraries

Courses in literature research, reference management

for students and members of the University of Bern and PHBern free of charge
for enterprises/employees of the public administration of Canton Bern, per complete hour and group CHF 255
for external, per complete hour and group CHF 330

4. Collection and debt prosecution expenses

at cost