Registration, user account, password

How do I obtain a user card? How much does it cost?

To obtain a library card, you first need to register. Registration is free of charge. You can also register in the library catalog online yourself and then ask to be activated in one of our libraries. Please bring a form of official identification when registering or requesting activation. Our regulations and fees apply. (Further information on registration.)

I already have a pass for another library. Can I use this in your library?

If you have a user card from the IDS information networks of Basel Bern, Lucerne, NEBIS, St.Gallen, St. Galler Bibliotheksnetz (SGBN), you can use your usual login to access the library catalog.

If you have already registered with GIBB or with Campus Muristalden library, no further registration is necessary. (These libraries also work in IDS Basel Bern: List of IDS libraries in Bern)

We regret that customers of the Kornhaus Library or the National Library are not registered with us and we kindly request them to report to one of our counters (see the first question in this section on user cards)

Can I use my University of Bern UNICARD as a library pass?

Yes, the UNICARD can also be used as a library pass. For students at the University of Bern, a user account is opened automatically on registration, which may be required straightaway.  The registration number stated on the UNICARD (without dashes) is valid as your user number (Further information for students). Staff at the University of Bern can also have their UNICARD validated as a library pass. To do this, please refer to your main library. As well as your library pass number, the staff number (with the prefix BEM) stated on your UNICARD is also valid.

How can I see my user account?

In swissbib Basel Bern you can do this by clicking on „Login“in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will then need to enter your user number and password. In your user account (My swissbib > Account IDS Basel Bern/Profile), you can see the borrowing periods for the books you have on loan and you can also renew these yourself. You can also change your personal details in your user account (address, e-mail address, password).

I have forgotten my password

Please refer to one of our larger libraries for your password to be reset. Specify your user number, address and date of birth and bring some form of ID with you.

I have lost my user card

Please visit one of our libraries. We can provide you with a replacement card for CHF 6 (free of charge for University of Bern staff and students).  Please bring some form of ID with you.

Can anyone else borrow, collect or return books for me?

No. You can only borrow and collect media with your own library pass. In certain special cases (e.g. illness), the library may hand the books ordered to an authorized person. The University Library Bern reserves the right only to hand out books after verbal confirmation from the person borrowing the books. We would advise you that your library pass is only to be used for borrowing books for your own use. Any breach of this regulation may result in the University Library Bern taking action which may lead to your being excluded from using the library.
Books may be returned by anyone. Many libraries also have a returns box, in which you can place returned books when the library is closed. (Please note that this results in a delay in booking in the return.)
Media from libraries that participate in the courier scheme can be returned to any courier library.

See also: Collection and return