Courier, interlibrary loans, reservations, orders

How do I find books or journal articles that are not in swissbib Basel Bern?

We would recommend you search in the Swissbib meta catalog. This lists the collections of Swiss university libraries and the Swiss National Library.

Media from larger IDS libraries can be ordered to be delivered to Bern by IDS-courier. There is a charge for this service.

For documents outside the IDS network and from abroad, there is also the option to obtain an interlibrary loan (charges apply).

I have forgotten the collection point

Has the title been ordered and reserved? -> Go to your user account. You will find the collection point in the Orders/Reservations section.
Is the title already listed in your user account  under items borrowed? -> Refer to one of our libraries. You can also do this by telephone.

I have accidentally ordered a book to be delivered by courier to an incorrect collection point. Can I change it?

No. If the book is listed in your user account user account as a reservation, contact the library where the book is held. However, if the book is already listed in your user account under items borrowed, contact the library selected as the collection point.

How do I cancel a reservation (collection, delivery by mail, courier)?

If it is no longer possible to make a cancellation in your user account please contact the library where the book is held.

How long do books reserved for me remain available?

Media from the Bernese and IDS courier are held for two weeks. If this is insufficient, please contact the relevant collection library.

Can I also collect a book from another library?

Yes. There is a Bern and an IDS courier. You will find all information on participating libraries and costs on our courier page.

What does "Use in reading room" mean?

The document can only be consulted in the reading room/on site. Please contact the library concerned if you have any questions.

What do "Non-lending collection", "Rare items," or "Special location", etc. mean?

These terms mean that these collections cannot be borrowed. Some collections are not freely accessible and can only be issued on request by library staff. Please contact the relevant library.