Psychology and Psychiatry

PsycINFO One of the largest international collections of literary references in the social sciences from more than 100 countries

PSYNDEXplus lit.& AV References with abstracts to the full range of psychological literature (with audiovisual media) from German-speaking countries

PSYNDEXplus Tests Contains descriptions of psychological and pedagogical test procedures used in German-speaking countries

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Psychology and Psychiatry

Consultation hours for literature research

Are you planning to write a term paper, bachelor's or master's thesis?

Our Psychology and Psychiatry consultants would be pleased to assist you in making full use of the resources of the University Library Bern:

  • Assistance in researching your topic
  • Using specialized databases
  • Help with search strategies

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Parts of our collection in psychology and psychiatry is housed in closed stack areas and can be requested through our online catalog swissbib Basel Bern. Open access holdings can be found in the following libraries:

Bibliothek von Roll BvR

  • Open-shelf library with books for teaching and research in all fields of psychology
  • Specialized journals and reference works

Münstergasse Library

  • Reference works in the reading room
  • Latest issues of print journals in the Schultheissensaasl

Rorschach Archives and Collection

  • Publications on the Rorschach test and related methods
  • Literary remains of Rorschach, his students and followers

Bühlplatz Library FBB

  • Textbooks and specialized literature on medicine