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Info on SWITCHaai

As an alternative to VPN, SWITCHaai provides a facility for remote access to the electronic services provided by the university library (for University of Bern members). SWITCHaai supports the single sign-on principle (SSO). Login here and see the e-resources you can access.

SWITCHaai performs authentication with the content provider. To do this, the system verifies the campus account of the person making the search, rather than their IP address. They are thus logged in personally with the database provider. There is no need for parallel use of VPN.

Unfortunately as yet, not all platforms support access using SWITCHaai. The following e-resources support SWITCHaai.

You will find a SWITCHaai button for the respective entries in the database search. To login, look for the following terms on the database providers' websites: "SWITCHaai", "Institutional Login", "Shibboleth", etc.

You will find further information on SWITCHaai on SWITCH websites.
If you experience any difficulties with the University of Bern campus account, please contact the University's IT Services Office.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact