New Catalogue and Registration

At the beginning of December 2020, we will introduce a new network of scientific libraries (SLSP, Swiss Library Service Platform) and a new library system. The new system is based on the latest generation of the library software Alma and Primo. The transition implies the following changes for customers of the University Library Bern.

New catalogue

As from December 7, 2020, the holdings of the University Library Bern will be searchable and accessible over a new catalogue and a new library system (swisscovery). Swissbib (green and orange) and NEBIS will be discontinued.

Restrictions during migration

Due to the migration of the system, restrictions in borrowing and returning of media might already occur as of mid November. 

  • 15 November: IDS and NEBIS courier orders and reservations are no longer possible.
  • 25 November:  Orders via Bernese courier service are no longer possible.
  • 1 December: Existing reservations will be deleted, orders (incl. postal delivery, interlibrary loans) will be deactivated.
  • 3 December, 18.00: Borrowing through IDS Basel Bern or Nebis will not be possible anymore.
  • All media that is borrowed up to 3 December 2020 must be returned. You will receive a reminder. 
  • 7 December, 10.00: Media can be borrowed via the new system swisscovery UB Bern. The Bernese courier and the SLSP courier are in operation.


The changeover makes it necessary for all customers - existing and new customers - to re-register on the SLSP-platform.

Re-registration can be done here

Existing user cards, Unicards are still valid. Enter the user number during registration. 

Data in the EU

With SLSP, customer data will now be managed on a server in the EU. Customers will have to give their consent to the transfer of data when they re-register via SWITCH-Edu-ID.

Adapted services

With the transition to the new system and network, many services of academic libraries in Switzerland will be standardized. 

In addition to the free courier service, which will continue to link the Bernese courier libraries as before, a SLSP courier service will be set up for a fee (CHF 6.- per medium ordered). Media from all over Switzerland can be ordered via this new courier service. Delivery time: 48 hours.

New network

The faculty libraries of the UB Bern have so far mainly been integrated into the IDS (Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz) or IDS Basel Bern. The Library of Exact Sciences was connected to the NEBIS network.
Both IDS and NEBIS will be part of the new network SLSP. All faculty libraries of the UB will be registered as part of the University Library Bern in SLSP. Services and fees will be standardised and adjusted accordingly.

Further procedure

The University Library will inform you through different channels if you need to take action.