Research assistance



Meta catalog of Swiss university libraries and the Swiss National Library. It offers swift, easy and comprehensive access to academic information in Switzerland.


Swiss Journal Portal (SZP)

Shows which Swiss library is able to supply a requested journal title. Search terms in the catalog alongside free text: title, place of publication, corporate body, ISSN


Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK)

Meta catalog for finding more than 500 million books and journals in library and book trade catalogs throughout the world


Information Network of German-Speaking Switzerland (Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz – IDS)

Comprises the catalogs of more than 400 Swiss libraries (ALEPH) – including our Library of Plant Sciences


Network of Libraries and Information Centers in Switzerland (NEBIS)

Network of over 80 libraries of universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes from all language regions of Switzerland


Swiss libraries, networks & catalogues

A collection of links from SWITCH


Web Of Science®

Search for bibliographical information (topic, author, source, address), cited references or related records.


Journal Citation Reports

("Science Edition" and "Social Sciences Edition") provide information and statistical analyses about the frequency of citation of journals from the natural sciences and technology: impact factor, immediacy index, cited half-life.



Freely accessible database. Not as comprehensive as WOS in terms of plant sciences but undergoing expansion.



Comprises journal articles, book chapters, memorandums and separate publications with the main emphasis on literature sources in the field of agriculture.

Google Scholar

Search various sources from a convenient website – find articles, summaries and citations – track down directly linked subscribed full texts – find out more about core publications in any field of research



The online catalog (OPAC) of the Library Association of the Federal Administration collects documents published by Swiss government institutions


Searchable list of databases

A collection of commercial and freely accessible databases that can be accessed from our university network. A service provided by the University Library Bern


Licensed products – University of Bern

Collection of links to commercial databases that are available to the University of Bern. A service provided by the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries