Opening hours


  • 36 work places.
  • Two search points
  • Wireless LAN (network of the University of Bern)
  • Photocopier (individual copies CHF 0.20, copy cards with 88 copies for CHF 10)


The staff are available at service hours to provide information and support.


Dokuments from the open shelves can be borrowed. For documents located in the magazine or archive please contact the library staff. The conditions of borrowing and usage are based on the University Library Bern’s user regulations and fees. A user account is required for borrowing.

The contents of the Geography Library corresponds with the research priorities of the Institute of Geography. You can search for documents from the collection via swissbib Basel Bern.

Most of the collection is freely accessible and borrowable. Old books are kept in the storage facilities and one copy each of the publications originating from the institute are stored in the archive.

The library is public and borrowing takes place on site using IDS user cards or equivalent. Interlibrary loans only to libraries, not to private individuals. (library abbreviation: BE 6)


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The best starting point is here: Geography journals