Münstergasse Library

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Monday - Friday: 8 - 19, Saturday: 8 - 13

Special Reading Room for Historic Collection

Monday - Friday: 10 - 17, Thursday: 10 - 19


Monday - Friday: 10 - 19, Saturday: 10 - 13

The Münstergasse library in the Bernese old town is the location for borrowing and return for the collection of the University Library. In addition to the Schultheissensaal it offers a new two story reading room, a special reading room for the historic collection, group study rooms and an exhibition in the vaulted cellar in which originals from the historic collection are displayed. In the new Café Lesbar an appetizing selection of food and drink is available.

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Date Event
2014-2016 Complete refurbishment of the library building on Münstergasse 61/63. Building contractor: Burgergemeinde Bern (Civic Community of Bern), Architects: alb architektengemeinschaft ag, Bern.
2007-2009 Merger of the Town and University Library (StUB, now Central Library) and the university libraries of the University Library Bern (UB).
1968-1974 Major conversion by Peter Grützner and Walter Bürgi: Among other things five basement floors are built beneath the courtyard garden.
1962-1955 Expansion of former wine cellar. Switzerland's first rolling rack is installed.
1951 Creation of the foundation Town and University Library (StUB) by the canton of Bern, the civic community of Bern (Burgergemeinde Bern) and the council (Einwohnergemeinde) of the city of Bern. Foundation of the Burgerbibliothek (Civic Library) Bern, which took over the manuscript and illustration departments of the old town library.
1909 Demolition of the library gallery of Niklaus Sprüngli. The facade of the gallery has stood as a fountain on Thunplatz since 1911.
1906-1907 Extension of the east wing toward Herrengasse by Eduard v. Rodt.
1905 Recombination of the town and university library.
1904-1905 Western extension (Münstergasse 63) by Eduard v. Rodt.
1860-1863 Eastern extension (Münstergasse 61) by Gottlieb Hebler.
1887 Division of the library into a town and university library.
1829-1833 The market arcades and stalls on the ground floor are removed, the openings toward the arcades are walled up.
1803 Library and academy (university) are separated. The city of Bern takes over the library, the canton the academy.
1787-1794 Conversion of Ankenwaag granary to a library by Niklaus Sprüngli and Lorenz Schmid. (location of today's Central Library).
1632 Donation of the private library of diplomat and humanist Jacques Bongars.
1528-1535 Foundation of the University Library Bern.


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