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Business Travel

The University of Bern is currently developing a comprehensive strategy for reducing its CO2 emissions caused by business travel. As a first step, recommendations have been developed that enable the staff of the University of Bern to make their business travel more sustainable.

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Recommendations for business travel

Recommendations and information about non-travel alternatives and more environmentally friendly means of transport can be found in the following document: Recommendations for Business Travel (PDF, 62KB)

Arranging a video conference is an option that is well-suited for reducing travel kilometers and thereby the environmental impact of business travel. There are various software solutions and video conference rooms available at the University of Bern.

Webinar - Hold online seminars and lectures

With the Adobe Connect Software, it is possible to conduct online seminars, lectures, or web meetings - without having to download any software. In addition, external lecturers can give a seminar or lecture from a distance. More...

Video Conferences

Lecturers, employees and students at the University of Bern may use mobile video communication by installing the relevant software on their personal devices. Several rooms are equipped with video technology for conferences or lectures. These rooms must be reserved in advance.. More...