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University of Bern joins The Guild of European Universities

The University of Bern has been admitted to The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities as its newest member with immediate effect.

Welcoming the decision, Professor Christian Leumann, the University of Bern's rector, said: "We look forward to taking up our place in this network of peers, where we can bring our institutional strengths to the table and learn from those of our fellow members." 

"Joining the Guild is part of the University of Bern's internationalization strategy to enhance our standing as a player on the global stage. Membership will facilitate the University's links to institutions with similar interests and support its quest to hit new international heights," Professor Leumann underlined. 

The University of Bern was voted in during The Guild’s General Assembly in Brussels on June 2. "We are pleased to welcome a partner that shares our values, our commitment to excellence in research and research-led education, and is enthusiastic about the collaborative possibilities offered by the Guild," said The Guild’s Secretary-General Jan Palmowski. 

The University of Bern is a public institution with a strong focus on excellence in research and teaching at all levels in the majority of academic disciplines. Also under its aegis are international research platforms, national centers of competence in research and interdisciplinary programs. These cover areas such as climate science, medicine, space science and international trade, using an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach. More than a third of this Swiss-based institution’s budget stems directly from external funding for research. 

The Guild's commitment to reinforce citizens’ trust in public institutions and affirm evidence-based discourse has been central to its vision for research and innovation (R&I) in Europe. The commitment of Guild members stems form their dedication to scientific excellence through internationally-recognized scholarship and the quality of their research-led teaching. 

Situated in the Swiss national capital, the University of Bern represents an anchor in one of Europe's powerhouses for research and innovation. Switzerland not only spends over 3 percent of its GDP on R&I, it also has the second highest number of patents per capita in the world. Ole Petter Ottersen, founding Chair of the Guild, extended the warm welcome, stating that "the University of Bern will bring to the Guild new perspectives gained from its rich history of research and education, [as well as] its engagement with Switzerland's economy, culture and society.”

Media Release / Bern and Brussels, June 2, 2017

The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities

The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities