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"We should not pursue equality as levelling down"

Wherever you look: You only fill positions which were once (almost) excusively occupied by men with women when you have integrated these positions into a hierarchically controlled structure and taken away their former importance and power. Why are women only allowed to become "chair holders" when the small and flexible realm of the chair no longer even exists and instead are only a tiny figure in the large empire of the "university"? The problem is not even so much that this large empire is usually ruled by men, but that it contradicts the essence of science, and that such positions are simply no longer attractive enough. After all, good science is an individual, at best a federalist project, it is never centralist. We should not pursue equality as "levelling down", and we must take demands for autonomy and creative power seriously. Contrary to the widespread prejudice, these are human, and not just male needs.

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